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In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter.

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original title: Taken 2

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller


imdb: 6

duration: 1h 32min

tags: First they took his daughter. Now they're coming for him.

budget: $45,000,000

keywords: bulletproofvest, jetlag, promise, american, courage, policecorruption, dog, fallingtoone'sdeath, hug, firework, golf, nobullets, gate, architecture, column, riddledwithbullets, runningforone'slife, th

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Two years after the horrible incident when a ruthless ring of Albanian human traffickers abducted his young daughter, Kim, the former-CIA agent, Bryan Mills, is on a personal mission to reinvigorate his relationship with his ex-wife, Lenore, and to live a normal life. However, when the family reunites in Istanbul, the ghosts of the past will resurface, as Murad--the Balkan criminal kingpin and pained father whose son was killed by Mills' hand--is set on a bloody revenge. Can Bryan with his very particular set of skills help himself and his family make it out alive this time? In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter. So Liam 'the giant' Neeson got himself taken too. (hence the title, taken 2). But no worries, his teenage daughter, played by a 30 year old, throws a few bombs into populated areas, run on roof tops, spots the smoke and saves dadzilla, evading skilled assassins who are following her, because she has her fathers DNA and therefore the special set of skills to 'find you' in a crowded place.

The taken 2 guys were the progenitors of the taken 1 guys, whom Neeson had killed.

Neeson of course, goes Terminator on the taken 2 bad guys, so that he can save his family again. And, after killing everyone, they all happily sit down for ice cream. May be in taken 3, the 30 year old daughters boyfriend or husband will be kidnapped, making this Neeson's version of Die Hard. ***SPOLIERS*** It's at the funeral in Albania of his beloved #1 son Markos and fellow members of his notorious white slavery racket that his braved pop Murad, Rade Serbedzija, swore bloody revenge to the person responsible for their untimely death. Markos and his gang according to Murad were just doing their job to make a dishonest living in kidnapping and pimping young girls and this crazed mad man US Government Agent Bryan Mills, Liam Neeson, put an end to their lives for doing it.Now sending out this scuzzy gang of assassins Murad plans to do to Millis as well as his wife Lenny, Frankie Janssen, and especially his 17 year old daughter Kim, Maggie Grace, the very worst he can think of.It's

in Istanbul not Constantinople Turkey where Mills and his family are on vacation where all the actions in the movie takes place. Despite Murad's blood lust in killing Mills and his wife and daughter he and his greasy hand or nose picked gang of assassins don't quite seem to have their heart in it.In being their target for assassination they foolishly let them go or escaper at every opportunity. Even Mills who's captured and tortured by the group is never really in danger of being killed or murdered in just how gingerly and with extreme care they handle him as well as wife Lenny & daughter Kim. Mills for his part has no trouble dispatching the bad guys Steven Seagal style where they never are even allowed to lay a glove or hand on him in the many fights scenes he has with them in the movie. He deflects their punches as if he were a magnet deflecting metal objects!

***SPOILERS*** The very predictable ending has Mills after dispatching the entire gang of Albanians give the helpless Maude a chance to let bygones be bygones and stop all this bloodshed once in for all. By now at least Mills has grown sick and tired of his role of a US Government super hero and wants to go back to a much normal and peaceful lifestyle. It's just too bad that Murad doesn't take the hint and ends up paying the ultimate price for it. Moviegoers who liked Taken and want more of the same will get precisely that. Retired CIA operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) invites ex-wife Lenore "Lennie" (Famke Janssen) and their teenage daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) to spend a few days in Istanbul with him. Things go bad when Bryan and Lennie are abducted by Murad Krasniqi (Rade Serbedzija), the leader of the ring of Albanian sex traffickers who kidnapped Kim and her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy) a few years earlier. This time, however, it is Kim who must find and rescue her father so that he can do the same for Lennie. Taken 2 is the sequel to Taken (2008) (2008), which was based an original script by French filmmaker Luc Besson and American screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen who also wrote the screenplay for Taken 2. It is followed by Taken 3 (2014) (2015). Retracing the route that he memorized during his abduction, Bryan finds the house where Murad has taken Lenore. After shooting, knifing, and neck-snapping his way past 10 thugs, he discovers that Murad has moved Lennie. He follows them to the haman (Turkish bath) where he finally comes face-to-face with Murad. Holding Murad at gunpoint, Bryan asks whether Murad's other sons will seek revenge if he kills him. Murad confirms his suspicion. Wanting an end to the vendetta, Bryan gives Murad a choice—either walk away and end this or die here. Murad gives his word to end the vendetta, so Bryan drops his gun and begins to walk away. Immediately, Murad grabs the gun and tries to shoot Bryan in the back only to discover that the gun is empty. Bryan shows Murad the bullet, then pushes him against the wall, impaling him on a towel hook. He then tends to Lennie. In the final scene, which takes place three weeks later in Los Angeles, Kim passes her driving test, so Bryan takes her and Lennie to an ice cream parlor on the Malibu pier. The waitress brings them four milkshakes, puzzling Bryan until he sees Kim's boyfriend Jamie (Luke Grimes) walk in. When Kim asks her dad whether it is okay to have Jamie join then, Bryan lightens up and shakes Jamie's hand. "Don't shoot this one, Dad," Kim laughs. "I really like him." The unrated version is more than 6 minutes longer. But contrary to the first one, there are more differences that cut scenes to get the PG-13. It rather seems like the movie editors wanted to save running time. As a result, there are more plot elements in the unrated version and especially one thing: more walking . That means not everything is really noticeable and that footage is simply superfluous, that's for sure. Nevertheless, the violence is rougher now (there are the common differences like cuts, more harmless alternate footage, reducing the blood color, reducing or removing the sound of cracking bones) but it still doesn't reach the level of the first Taken.


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